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During Covid, life modeling "live" came to an end. Scottish Borders Life Drawing Club took to Zoom! Every week we had fantastic models from all over the world. Post-covid, Zoom sessions continue supplementing our live sessions in Kelso, Scotland.

Annie Livesey Art: Gallery 
Figures and Portraits


60 x 80 cm

Acrylic and Conte Crayon on paper


30 x 40 cm

Coloursoft pencil  on paper

The Figure Deconstructed 2.jpg
The Figure Deconstructed 2

60 x 80 cm

Oil on paper

The Figure Deconstructed 1

60 x 80 cm

Oil on paper

Self portrait

60 x 60 cm

Mixed media on board

20220719_195720 (002).jpg

30 x 21 cm

Conte crayon on tinted paper

Zooming Sue Tilley

30 x 21 cm

Ink on watercolour paper

Sue Tilley

60 x 40 cm

Acrylic on Box Canvas

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